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Are you interested in making a professional portfolio for Acting or modelling for just Rs 5500 ?

Modelling Portfolio Shoots in Mumbai


How often have you gone for an audition for a serial or an advertisement and been rejected because you do not have a professional portfolio ? Or think of how many opportunities you may have missed out on because the agencies to whom you sent your amateur photographs and profile didn’t even bother to have a look at them.


This is why it is absolutely important to have a professional portfolio because that is what creates a first impression about you and that is what can prove to be the difference between landing a good project and not. Your acting skills or ramp walk skills comes into the picture only after you have created this first impression with your resume and profile.

Many aspiring actors and models make this mistake of thinking that they can make it big with their skills alone and a portfolio is something to be made after they start earning. WRONG!! Even though there maybe instances of people who have succeeded this way , its a difficult and risky path to take if you are serious about your career.

If the people conducting the auditions do not even look at your photographs, how can you expect to convince them with your acting skills ? You wont stand a chance. This applies not just in the field of acting and modelling.In general even in corporates, your resume speaks for you.It is the first impression and you need to make a good first impression if you are to succeed in this world of cut throat competition.

Take this example, An average portfolio costs around Rs 10000 to make. It is a one time investment you make for your career.An average print shoot project can fetch you around Rs 15,000 minimum. You recover more than what you invested in a single project that too in a single day shoot. Trying is never an option in this industry . You can never try to land projects in an unprofessional way. You can only be dead serious about your career and do things the right way to make the right impression and succeed.

We help you do exactly that with our vast experience in professional photography as well as our contacts in the world of Fashion and Films. Unlike other photography studios, we do not make a portfolio for you and then leave you to fend for yourselves. We believe it is important to guide our clients and show the right way because most people who approach us are people with little or no experience who want to make it big in the world of fashion and entertainment.

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What we do

As you know a professional portfolio is a must for Auditions. You can now make a professional portfolio for just Rs 5500.

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Hairstyle
  • Make up
  • Audition assistance
  • 20+ edited photos
  • 1500+ Raw photos

Contact us on mumbaiauditions@gmail.com If you want to make a professional portfolio.


We shoot professional portfolio based on your interests.For example a portfolio of a person looking for modelling would be different to a person looking for acting opportunities.

You have an option to use our costumes or do it on your own based on your budget. We have our own studios with the best cameras and latest technical equipment to ensure that you get the best possible service.

We arrange for outdoor shoots as well.Our work does not end here . We also provide Audition assistance to candidates.

We only charge for the photography. The other services are all free.We also make portfolios of small children and babies.

List of Acting schools in Mumbai

Please find our portfolio rates below

Total Pictures – 20 edited

Indoor portfolio shoots – Rs 5500 (including make up and hair stylist)

Outdoor portfolio shoots – Rs 7500 – 10000 depending on location

Audition assistance – Free


Portfolio photographers

Our Team

We have a team of professional photographers both male and female who are experienced in the field of professional photography and portfolio shooting. They are equipped with the latest cameras as well as other technical equipments to provide the best possible portfolios to aspiring models and actors. We provide with make up and costumes, however if you want to get your own costumes and make up, you are free to do so. We do both indoor and outdoor portfolio photography as per your requirements.We have our own photography studio and all our photographers are extremely professional in their approach.

So make a good decision for your career today and get in touch with us as soon as possible.


148 thoughts on “Portfolio Shoots in Mumbai | Contact us for Portfolio shoots”

  1. Sir/mam everybody wants to become an actor I’m also please Give me a chance for show my talent please.

      1. Dear friend if you want to be a great actor/actress then you don’t beg for it.Go to the audition,be a model.

    1. Hello sir ,This is me shanu subba from nepal.I am interested to work in serials. Kya ham logo ko vi chance mil sakta he kya???

  2. Hi..I am nikhil verma and i am interested in acting world …..
    if you wanna find new male face for an acting role so plzzz contact me ,,,

  3. Pls let me know the details of the portfolio and other services as mentioned, us it OK even if my training in acting is not done? Is it for all ages of candidates?

  4. I am interested to acting , pls give me chance to show me my tallent , pls contact on my mob 9764022693 or mail muktipadadas123md@ gmail. Com

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,i am interested in making portfolio,as i have read all the details regarding the portfolio packages in your site,but i couldn’t fing your contact info.so kindly get in touch with me via email.Thanks

  6. Hello mam/sir,
    I want to know about the auditions that are taking place. How will i get these informations. I always wanted to become a TV actress but don’t have any idea about the industry. Can u please help me.

  7. I want to make an indoor portfolio for 5k. My contact number is 9920302966. Mail me or you can call on my number.

    1. My phone no 8484889488 All of hours)
      I have my fixiel job only one Acting Bollywood industries is my favorite industries. My favorite characters expretion emotions bleady seeries ? My attitude positive harkate bai see you My name laxman kumar Sahu

  8. Hi ….I want To Act In Short Film…Im a BMM student…Give me a One Chance I Will Prove You My Acting Skills…Thank U

  9. Anything I can do for you please give me a chance I am really really working soo hard please give me a chance

  10. Dear mam or sir
    My name is anushka shukla I am from Allahabad mam I want to become an actor . Acting is not my hobby acting is my life and I sure that whatever role will given to me i will do best and will give my best mam only I need one chance please mam it’s my request to you


  11. Hello.
    I am very much intrested in modeling..
    I think u should give me this opportunity…. My acting if u like it will be ok otherwise sry🙏

  12. Hlo, sir/madam
    I’m Harsh ,height is average like 156cm approx, I don’t know anything about acting, I don’t try to doing anything, till now, but if u will hire me, then u will be proud that, I will stand on your trust, because it’s mine confidence, I knw that I can do any role, whatever u want from me,….. So, if u wanna then I will, so please u have to give me a chance , I will not disappoint to u……

  13. Dear mam/sir . I m dharmender kro ( Rd dharma) I completed degree b.sc media entertainment & film technology (p.t.u.) punjab my 4 project complete 3-4 shot film one marathi serial ( tula palate re) like direction . Acting. Scripting so please mam call me 7696681820

    1. Dear mam/sir . I m dharmender ku ( Rd dharma) I completed degree b.sc media entertainment & film technology (p.t.u.) punjab my 4 project complete 3-4 shot film one marathi serial ( tula palate re) like direction . Acting. Scripting so please mam call me 7696681820

  14. Sir,
    Please start a show,for those people who never goes to any acting school,but have god gifted talent regarding acting.Written in short,plz think about it.

  15. Hi/hellow sir/mam, I am very much interested in acting i am from Chennai my name is Balaji.
    Please give me a chance and very much thank full to you…

  16. Mera ek daba sa sapna hai ki mai actor banu ..par mujhe english bolna theek se nahi ata lekin meri hindi strong hai …kya mere jaise,logo ke liye actor ban pana mumkin hai ….mujhe apke reply ka,wait rahega ….mujhe ek roll mil sakta,hai kya plggg……thanks ….

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